African Turquoise Bracelet: Small
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African Turquoise Bracelet: Small

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Wrist mala for Women . Beads 6mm. Bracelet Size 16cm.

Turquoise promotes the wellbeing of the male, and spiritual happiness within the female. The spouse harmony, the dedication and resistance to external influences are all strengthened and improved by this stone. It improves the self-esteem and stimulates perseverance. It can also be helpful against complaints during menopause, such as hot flashes. Turquoise can also have a calming effect, provide inner peace, and be revitalizing at times of exhaustion. It is beneficial against depression, mood swings, apathy and panic attacks. It promotes insightfulness which allows us to see that we are responsible for our own happiness. Creativity in problem solving, empathy and romantic love can all be strengthened by this stone. It protects against negative energy and emissions.