Garnet & Rose Quartz Bracelet: Small
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Garnet & Rose Quartz Bracelet: Small

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Wrist mala for Women . Beads 6mm. Bracelet Size 16cm.

Rose Quartz opens the heart to receive as well as give love. The stone captivates harmonic love affairs and friendly relationships and improves self love, self acceptance and has a mild and soft functioning. It has a calming effect on grief and trauma, and stimulates empathy, sincerity and helpfulness. It also stimulates creativity and fantasy. It has a calming effect on homesickness, jealousy and strengthens artistic value and will power. It improves spiritual growth and gives inspiration. It helps overcoming difficulties during puberty.

Garnet is a perfect stone for  helping in difficult situations and situations when life seems hopeless. It gives power and energy and also perseverance, stamina, self-confidence. It promotes hope, courage, optimism, joy of life and survival instinct, Garnet reduces inhibitions and limitative behavior and thinking patterns.