Bhutanese Sandalwood Incense: long
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Bhutanese Sandalwood Incense: long

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Bhutanese Sandalwood Incense are high quality incense sticks, purely hand prepared from 25 flavored medicinal herbs and other precious substances following the Tibetan scriptural texts and the instructions of Dr. Pasang Yonten. Most of the rare herbs used are growing naturally in the Himalayas. They are carefully collected to protect the environment and shade dried to preserve their scent and quality. The incense sticks are entirely natural and free from any synthetic substances. These  Bhutanese Sandalwood Incense are especially rich in white sandalwood which is originally found in south India. It is clearing the mind, removing mental dullness and depressive thoughts. In combination with the Himalayan herbs it helps to balance the mind and also purifies the air and environment from negative energies.  

Made of nature herbal ingredients from Bhutan .

Size 21.5x4.2x4.2cm. 90gm