Tiger Eye & Onyx Vajra Mala
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Tiger Eye & Onyx Vajra Mala

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Wrist mala for men , beads 8mm.  Bracket size 18cm.

Onyx strengthens the mind and can help when having lack of Calcium. It can help against watery eye and lack of self esteem  inferiority complexes, disheartenment. Imbalance and helps giving hope. It promotes hearing, strengthens nails and can help against having blood circulation disorder.

Tiger eye is a protection stone. The stone protects against negative influences from the outside and gives insight in ourselves and others. Tiger eye helps to maintain distance and keep oversight to reach your goals. In hard times tiger eye can give you strength, courage and confidence to help with internal conflicts, indecision, doubt and undecidedness. Tiger eye promotes rest and is a great stone to wear when doing exams.