Crystal Heart shape Necklace
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Crystal Heart shape Necklace

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Hand made in Bali Available in purple Amethyst, red Coral, and green Jade. Stainless steel chain. Necklace length : 23.5cm

 Amethyst has a calming effect and reduces anxiety, anger and grief. It helps processing loss, misfortune and dealing with adversity. It clears your mind and gives insight in behavior and the choices you make and so helps recognize bad habits and leave them behind.  Besides that the stone has a positive influence on home sickness, headache and migraines. In daytime the makes one realistic and at night it promotes a peaceful sleep and healthy dreams.

According to legend of the ancient Romans, Coral protects against calamity and provides wisdom. It promotes enthusiasm and passion in love and strengthens the sensual charms of the female. It stimulates to open your heart and more easily accept all the beautiful things love has to offer. It may help against depression and lethargy. It has a positive influence on intestinal disorder, constipation and tooth decay. Coral is often used as an protection amulet.

 Ever since approximately 5000 BCE, Jade has been called the very best of all gemstones. As the "Stone of heaven", Jade symbolizes the five virtues of mankind, wisdom, justice, humility, compassion and courage. Symbols of the the virtues were carved into the Jade, and so designated as power stone. It's beneficial against intestinal gas, and it strengthens the stomach. When worn three months into a pregnancy, it will promote a feeling of inner peace.